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A Drive Down The Land of Lakes

It cannot be emphasized often enough that Kenya has one of the most scenic landscapes from Coast to lake. The road trip from the Capital city of Nairobi to the lakeside city of Kisumu stretching over a distance of approximately 265 km boasts a minimum of four lakes in between!

These include Lake Naivasha most famously associated with the flower farms of the region from where bouquets a plenty of Kenya’s famous exports boast their origins.   The lake is located a mere one and a half to two hours away from Nairobi providing a quick and easy break away from the capital city at one of the numerous leisure resorts ranging from five star hotels to camp sites dotting its scenic shores. The lake is close to the world famous Hell’s Gate National park and has also lent its name to neighbouring Naivasha town.

Not too far off, is Lake Elementaita, which is most commonly associated with the nearby majestic Longonot crater and flamingoes which regularly migrate from nearby LakeNakuru. Lake Elementaita too is flanked by adequate lodges and camps to cater for travellers’ comforts.

Minutes away, Lake Nakuruis next on our stop. The lake gives Nakurutown which often claims the title of regional administrative headquarters its name. Its environs host Lake Nakuru national park, Hyrax hill museum and of course, resorts and facilities, ranging from the five star to backpackers’ havens.

Another lake within relatively easy reach of this locale is beautiful Lake Ol’ bolosat withits stunning vistas of the Aberdares ranges. Lake Ol’bolosat can be accessed through Nyahururu via Gilgil town.

‘Off the beaten track’ still in the Rift north of the Equator one encounters Lake Bogoria which is famous for its geysers and hot springs and Lake Baringo which after Lake Turkana, is the most northern of the Kenyan Rift Valley lakes. Both lakes are equally spectacular.  It is worth noting that Lake Turkana which is also alternatively known as ‘ the Jade sea’ on account of its turquoise hues borders Lake Turkana National parks which is listed as a World Heritage site.

Back to Nakuru, a long drive through the agricultural Rift and lush tea zones of Kericho finally winds down to the grand lake Victoria which boast the title of being Africa’s largest lake by area, the largest tropical lake in the world and the world’s second largest freshwater lake by surface area. Located along its shoreline is Kisumu which is Kenya’s third largest city. Nearby attractions include the Kisumu Impala wildlife Sanctuary, Kit Mikayi rock formation the Kakamega tropical rainforest and accommodation to suit every taste. These sites are part of the emerging and increasingly attractive western Kenya tourism circuit.

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